About Takoma Connected

Building a connected community

It’s about… neighborhoods … walkable spaces … local shops …

It’s about a unique space where two communities come together.

It’s about Takoma Connected.

Creating a Sense of Community & Preserving the Neighborhood

EYA is proposing to build a residential community located at the existing Takoma Metro staton parking lot. An underutilized space wedged between Takoma, DC and Takoma Park would transform into a vibrant residential community complementing the existing neighborhood and providing connectivity to the broader community.

Designed with Community Input 

We are in the beginning stages of a multi-year approval process which began with WMATA’s Board of Directors approving a contract for EYA to build a new community. We haven’t reached the design phase yet. When the design phase begins we will work with local residents to ensure the new community will be an asset in the neighborhood and is something everyone will enjoy.

The new community would include:

  • Approximately 210 residential units
  • mid–rise, multi-family building
    • To provide a better viewshed for existing residents, the building would step down
      to three levels on 
      the Eastern Avenue side
  • Pedestrian friendly and transit-oriented development within easy walking distance to Takoma Metro
  • bike parking structure on transit grounds
  • vibrant park space with enhanced landscaping and walkable pathways
    • Improvements to the park will be based on community recommendations for a new gathering place for everyday enjoyment and special events
  • New parking garage for Metro
    • 90 metered spaces
    • Designated Kiss and Ride area located 
on the ground level of the parking garage
    • Handicapped parking

Concept Site Plan


A great opportunity for the community

  • Preserves unique character of the community. Every EYA neighborhood blends with the surrounding community while respecting its unique characteristics.
  • Bridges Takoma D.C. and Takoma Park communities to create a shared neighborhood. Takoma Connected can become a reality.
  • Generates more foot traffic for local businesses. Additional residents will create more revenue for local shops
  • Promotes safety. Brings increased activity in the community to provide more eyes on the street.
  • Attracts more locally owned businesses. The new development will attract more retailers and restaurants for local residents to enjoy.
  • Enhances the existing park with the opportunity for community events and entertainment. The improved park will include attractive landscaping and walkable pathways. We will work closely with the community as we plan a welcoming park.

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