The Crawl: Halloween Fun in Takoma Park

To all our Halloween bar crawlers in Takoma Park! Main Street Takoma just announced their annual Halloween Happy Hour. The Crawl at Halloween Happy Hour is a fun way to explore the diverse restaurants, shops, and nightlife Takoma Park has to offer. Every year, Halloween crawlers gather with their friends and neighbors to celebrate this fun and spooky occasion. Inexpensive mugs are available for pickup anytime up until the event begins at Trohv or La Mano Coffee Bar. The night is sure to be filled with monsters, ghouls, and plenty of happy crawlers!

There will be food and drink deals at local Takoma Park restaurants and bars throughout the evening. If you don’t want to participate in The Crawl, there will be pumpkin carving and apple cider on the Metro lawn starting at 5 pm.

To learn more about this fun filled night, click here.


Cover Image taken from Main Street Takoma.

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