Community members express support for Takoma development

Many community members, from Takoma and Takoma Park, have expressed support for our development plans and overall vision to build a connected community.          

” …my wife and I think the community that is developing around the Takoma Metro is exciting. The EYA proposal  substantially advances that community. It will bring young couples and families to Takoma Park. This is a great place to  live.”                                                                                                                          – R. VanMetter, Takoma resident                      

“The demographics of our area are changing… A substantial project at the Takoma station will be in keeping with the changing demographics and will be a wonderful addition to our fast growing urban downtown area here in Takoma Park.                                                                                                                                          – E. Ambrose, Takoma Park resident

…A vibrant walkable community next to the Metro station will also be a hub that benefits the entire Takoma neighborhood.”                                                                                                                                                                  – R. Crowley, Smarth Growth Committee, Sierra Club Washington D.C. Chapter

Click on the name of each community member to read their complete letter.   Feel free to email us at to share your thoughts.


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